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De-Clutter your Business with

Piled to the brim with paper and an assortment of information? Finding yourself overwhelmed with information, paperwork, or tasks to do? For many, having a secretary significantly reduces the stress of owning a business. But not everyone could afford a secretary to manage their clutter. You could hire an intern? Or, maybe have a family member help you organize your stuff? But, what if I told you a simple app could solve your problem?, a business contact management application available for ios and android, solves that problem. Intuitively designed for business owners,, lets you keep all your contacts, from business partners to returning customers, on online storage accessible to you from anywhere. Here are some perks of 

  1. Search your contact information with one click using our Tags feature
  2. Easily log into your account from any phone and obtain your contact information
  3. Over 19+ customizable options for business owners who like to be organized
  4. Scan business cards and easily turn them into digital contacts
  5. Transfer your digital contact to another user using a simple code
  6. And many more features to come

Download on the IOS app store or the Android app store.

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