Never Lose Your Contacts Again

Have you ever dropped your phone into the water, or lost your phone on a hike? Let’s admit…we’ve lost our phone at least once in our lifetime. However, to a business executive, your phone is your workplace and without it, you could jeopardize company operations. Backing up your phone’s data is vital to ensure that you do not lose important data. However, what if you are in a rush to get that one important message to that executive across the world?

You could buy a new phone, download your data from the cloud and then use it; but how long would that take? You could also write down the contact information on paper and hope that you do not lose it in your belongings. But, what if I told you a simple app could solve all your worries?

ScanBuddy.ai, an intuitive contact management app, backs all your contact information and ensures that your contacts are organized the way you prefer. Instead of downloading your data from the cloud or searching for that one piece of paper with the information on it, you could simply login into the app and access all your contact information from your previous device.  

How does ScanBuddy.ai back my data?

First, download the ScanBuddy.ai app. Import your contact book into the app. This should take a few minutes. Once your contacts are imported to the app, the app will synchronize the contacts to your login. Simply login into your account on any device and you will be able to access your contact book.

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