How To Organize Your Contacts and Why You Should?

Out with the Old, In with the New

Running a small business is no easy feat; business owners often run all operations wearing a lot of hats. As a result, remembering customer information and organizing contacts is tedious and cumbersome. Connecting with the right customer at the right time is essential to building meaningful customer relationships. But, solutions, such as CRMs Software (Customer Relationship Management), can be expensive and complex. There are free options: paper and pen or google sheets and excel. However, such options can be difficult to effectively use and often times non-intuitive for users. 

Scanbuddy.ai, available on iOS and Android, solves these problems and offers users intuitive contact management for small business owners. Now with a new feature called “Tags”, organizing your contact information has never been easier. 

Tags offer a very convenient way for small business owners to organize their contacts better. Here are some more benefits for a small business owner:

  1. Organize your customer contacts by categories. Your contact book may be overwhelmed with various customer contact information. To better organize it, you might want to sort between the types of customers you want to interact with or find that one customer who always returns for discounts. 
  2. Organize your business contacts by categories. This not only allows for quick and easy access to your business contact but also reduces the stress of remembering your business contacts for specific tasks. Maybe you need that plumber you met a few weeks ago, so you tap on your plumber’s tag on your app. Then done! You’ve found all plumbers’ contacts that you have. 

How Do I Tag Contacts?

Simply open your contact. Click on “edit”. Click on “+ create tags”. Type your tag name in. Click “Close”. Ensure that your tag is selected under “Added tags:” Click “Save” and you’re all set.

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