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How to manage contacts in your small business?

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As a small business, one thing that is most important is to retain initial customers. To be able to retain the initial customers the very first problem that comes up is how to store the customer data. There are many options such as expensive and complicated CRM systems (stands for Customer Relationship Management). There are some free options such as your phone book, google sheets, excel, etc. These options are ok to store the data but being able to use them effectively is a nightmare. Storing all the contact data in the phone book makes your phone book messy. Storing in an excel sheet makes it hard to use it on a small screen mobile phone. So, in short, all the available options are either expensive or not very friendly. exactly addresses this problem plus provides a lot of powerful features for small business users without breaking their bank and providing painless contact management. is a mobile app available on iOS and Android and free to download. Using, you can add your leads or customers quickly with many possible options. The added contacts can be tagged based on their relationship with your business. For example, you can tag your contacts as vendors, suppliers, first-time customers, loyal customers, etc. You can create any number of tags that suits your business and you can assign multiple tags to a single contact. Once contacts are tagged, you can easily search on these tags and then send a message on some new offers or casual greetings.

Try it out yourself and let us know your opinion in the comments below.

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